Application range of reference electrode

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When measuring the potential of various electrodes, the reference electrode is usually used as a reference. The measured electrode and the reference electrode accurately knowing the electrode potential value constitute a battery. When measuring the electromotive force of the battery, the electrode potential of the measured electrode can be calculated. The electrode reaction on the reference electrode must be a single reversible reaction. The hydrogen electrode is an ideal reference electrode, but it is difficult to realize.

The electrode reaction on the reference electrode must be unireversible, with high exchange current density, convenient preparation, good reproducibility and stable electrode potential. Generally, refractory salt electrode is used as reference electrode. The reference electrode is not easy to polarize; if the current is too large, the electrode potential can quickly return to the original value after power failure; when the temperature changes, the electrode potential lag change is small.

The potential of the electrolyte pipeline can be measured using a DC voltmeter with appropriate input impedance, test line and stable reference electrode such as saturated copper / copper sulfate reference electrode (CSE), silver / silver chloride electrode (Ag / AgCl) or saturated potassium chloride (potassium chloride) calomel electrode. When the electrolyte is soil or fresh water, CSE is generally used for measurement, but it is not suitable for seawater. When using CSE in high chlorine environment, the stability of CSE must be tested before the validity of the reading can be determined. Silver / silver chloride electrode is mostly used in seawater environment, and saturated potassium chloride calomel electrode is used in laboratory. However, the saturated KCl calomel electrode can also use polyhedral polymer gel, but its contact area with the environment needs to be appropriately increased.

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