Construction process of regional cathodic protection

TIME£º2020-7-27 9:14:47

When filling coke, it should be crushed to particle size less than 15mm. If the particle size is too large, the anode grounding resistance will increase and the operation energy consumption will be increased. When using sodium sulfate, bentonite, gypsum powder as fillers, they should be mixed evenly according to proportion. After burying, they should be soaked with water. Long term reference electrode and filler should also be soaked with water before burying to make them contact well. All fillers shall be compacted to ensure that there is no gap between the backfill and the anode.

For the convenience of installation, the high silicon cast iron anode rod is placed in the center of the tin barrel, and the anode is filled with fillers. In order to make the packing thickness around the anode rod consistent, the anode centralizer is installed in the tin barrel.

Tin welding or copper welding should be used between high silicon cast iron anode and conductor. When installing deep well anode, one end of cable should be marked to avoid confusion. During installation, special attention should be paid not to drop the cable into the deep well. Cable laying should have a certain degree of relaxation. When backfilling, attention should be paid not to damage the conductor and connector, and not to produce excessive tension. There shall be no stones or foreign matters that may damage the cable insulation layer in the backfill soil around the cable. Underground hinged joint shall be avoided for the cable leading to anode ground bed. The connection between the anode main cable and the conductor from each anode rod shall be mechanically firm and in good contact. When installing underground, all hinges or joints must be strictly insulated and sealed to prevent moisture intrusion and ensure the insulation from the surrounding environment.

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