Characteristics of zinc anode products

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In the field of industrial production, a variety of different types of anti-corrosion materials play a very prominent role, especially want to sacrifice the anode, which has more outstanding performance and practical utility, has become the first choice of manufacturers in the region. But the most popular anticorrosion products are not only sacrificial anodes, but also zinc anodes.

The characteristics of zinc anode products in practical application are as follows: diamond shaped products are in line with astm-b418 (type 1 / type 2) standard and have good mechanical properties. Strip zinc anode is mainly used for the protection of pipeline in casing, temporary cathodic protection of pipeline, protection of storage tank and pipe network, so as to prevent AC interference and lightning interference of strong current line to buried pipeline. In the field of modern anti-corrosion material production, strip zinc anode products are usually used in the medium with resistivity lower than 2000 ¦¸¡¤ cm. If the protected steel structure has a good coating or the soil is wet, it can be used in the medium higher than 2000 ¦¸¡¤ cm.

The application of zinc alloy sacrificial anode (zinc anode) products specifically, this kind of anti-corrosion material products are mainly used in the cathodic protection of steel structures such as ships, port facilities, marine engineering, buried metal pipelines, storage tanks, seawater cooling water system, etc. Specifically speaking, the characteristics of the products are mainly shown in the following aspects:

1. Zinc strip anodes are flexible, easy to install, and easy to be made into various anode lengths and shapes, such as spiral and disk;

2. Uniform current distribution, high current efficiency, more than 95%;

3. It can adapt to the environment with higher resistivity; it does not need external power supply; it has continuous conducting core in ribbon, and has less electric connection.

4. It can pass through the narrow local situation and difficult environment, and is more flexible in application;

5. The unit weight has small resistance to ground and high current;

6. The unit weight has small resistance to ground and high current;

7. Zinc strip anodes can be used in fresh water, seawater environment and buried structures.

8. It can be used as grounding electrode, release AC, lightning, and protect equipment and personal safety.

Zinc anode is suitable for hull, submarine valve, pressurized water tank and sea water platform. It is also used in submarine pipeline in annular form, which has good effect. Our zinc alloy anode is made of high-quality zinc and various components to ensure large current output and long service life. The product meets astm-b418, mil a-1800 ij standard and GB / T According to 4948-2002, w standard, we can also manufacture zinc anodes with special chemical composition according to customers' requirements.

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