How to master the oxidation time of sacrificial anode

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Although sacrificial anode is an anticorrosive product with outstanding performance and practical utility, if the actual performance and actual function of the product can not be accurately understood, the actual utility is often difficult to be effectively played. After all, sacrificial anode products are easy to oxidize. The following is a detailed introduction to the oxidation time of the product by the industry experts.

Sacrificial anode protection cathode is often used in the process of industrial chemical reaction. There are certain requirements for the anode materials to be sacrificed, such as sufficient negative stable potential, low self corrosion rate and uniform corrosion, high and stable current efficiency and high electrochemical equivalent, that is, the current generated per unit weight is large, the anode polarization is small and the dissolution is uniform The corrosion products do not pollute the environment.

In the practical use of sacrificial anode, the resistivity is 20-50 ohm / m soil or fresh water environment according to the protection shape and electrode potential difference of sacrificial anode. In general, the potential of sacrificial anode is -1.75v CSE and the starting voltage is 0.85v.

The sacrificial anode in practical application plays a great role in protecting the equipment. However, in the oxidation process of sacrificial anode, if the time is too short, the film will be thin and smooth, too long, and easy to become loose. Therefore, we need to understand its oxidation time

1. After 25 min pretreatment, the current density of the sacrificial anode is kept at 2.5 ~ 3A / DM2, and the film growth begins at this time. If the time is too long or too short, it is not good for the quality (the appropriate time is specified in different process specifications).

2. A current of 0.5a/dm2 is applied immediately after the workpiece enters the sacrificial anode oxidation tank, and the current density is gradually increased from 0.5a/dm2 to 2.5a/dm2 in 5 ~ 8 times within the next 25min time. This period of time should not be short, otherwise it is easy to cause short circuit of the parts in the later film-forming stage and cause ablation. If the time is too long, it is meaningless.

To sum up, when the sacrificial anode is oxidized, too long or too short time is not good for the quality. The operation should be strictly controlled. Only in accordance with the oxidation time of sacrificial anode, can the expected use effect be brought into play.

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