Practical application of sacrificial anode in daily life

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For the electrode, people may not feel strange, because it is very common in real life. However, when it comes to sacrificial anode, people may feel strange. Although some anticorrosive electroplating materials are common, few people know that they are sacrificial anode products. So, in addition, what are the applications of this product?

It is made of metal oxide material with negative potential. When it is connected with the protected pipeline, it will dissociate preferentially, thus inhibiting the corrosion of the pipeline, so it is called sacrificial anode. The sacrificial anode should have enough negative stable potential to maintain enough driving voltage, large theoretical generating capacity and high and stable current efficiency.

In our life, generally speaking, the service life of color TV and air conditioner is 8-10 years, that of electric water heater, gas stove, washing machine and vacuum cleaner is 8 years, that of refrigerator is 12-16 years, and that of personal computer is 6 years Quality of life, such as domestic water storage electric water heater, in order to prevent a large number of alkali, scale attached to the tank of the water storage electric water heater. Therefore, we usually use sacrificial anode method to release magnesium ions by magnesium rod to slow down water alkali.

Generally speaking, in practical application, aluminum alloy sacrificial anode method is to connect a metal with more negative potential on the protected metal as anode, and protect the cathode by the electrons generated by the continuous dissolution of the anode. And this protection method is safe and durable.

When the anode is used to dissolve the metal, it must have high efficiency to generate a large amount of anode current, which is required to produce a large amount of current ¡£

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