TIME£º2021-4-9 10:26:11

     Bosi Conductive Material Co.,Ltd is mainly focus on Conductivity of conductive polymer and corrosion resistance, they are the most important characteristic, also a very important criterion for normal operation and life length. We can through the testing of volume resistivity and electrolytic strengthen life to control these two parameters. Flexible anode based on special conductive carbon black polymer nano composite (ELPA series) MMO/Ti coating technology (ELTA series.)This kind of flexible anode is made by New functional polymeric materials.The polymer flexible anode¡¯s shaped like cable, use stranded copper wire to be the conductor, covered the conducting polymer, both played release current,and also played the role of chemical corrosion resistant. Copper cored ensures the low resistance, and conduction polymer ensures the high resistance to connect the ground, to make the copper core current can get into ground step by step. In order to form the uniform electric field, Filling with carbon breeze around flexible anode can improve anode working environment, reduce the earth resistance, to extend anode life. TYPE ELPA data sheet


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