What is the effect of seabed environment on cathodic protection?

TIME£º2020-7-27 9:20:25

There are many factors that affect the corrosivity of the seabed soil when the submarine pipeline is buried or placed on the seabed and directly contacts with the seabed soil. The main factors include the soil resistivity, redox potential, salinity, water content, pH value, soil microorganism and soil type. These factors often affect each other, resulting in the complex corrosion characteristics of the seabed soil. The study on the corrosivity of seabed soil has proved the corrosiveness of corrosion factors in seabed soil.

Due to the complex corrosion environment of seabed sediments, the corrosion rates of steel in different areas and different corrosive environments are quite different. The corrosivity of seabed sediments is determined by all the corrosion factors. The corrosivity of seabed sediments in a certain sea area can be determined and predicted by measuring the single or multiple corrosion factors of the seabed sediments in the sea area Therefore, corrosion factor analysis and corrosion prediction have always been an important research content in the field of corrosion. After cutting the old anode on the crude oil pipeline and weighing calculation, it is found that the corrosion degree of the oil pipe anode is more than 70%.

Sacrificial anode protection plays an important role in the corrosion protection of submarine pipelines. After being used for a long time, it is consumed seriously and can not reach the original design protection level. Therefore, the protection effect of sacrificial anode must be detected and monitored regularly. When it is found that the designed cathodic protection effect cannot be reached, measures must be taken to replace it in time to ensure the safe operation of submarine pipelines.

At the same time, in the design of submarine pipeline route, it is necessary to analyze the basic data such as the corrosion factor of submarine sediment and the process parameters of submarine pipeline, optimize the anode design scheme, prolong the life of anode protection as far as possible, and reduce the cost of anode replacement, so as to reduce the risk of corrosion damage of submarine pipeline to a certain extent, and maintain the integrity of submarine pipeline.

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