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Matters needing attention in construction of grounding flat steel

TIME£º2020-7-27 9:10:45

1. The grounding bus, lightning strip and mesh flat steel shall be fixed by supports.

2. The grounding body should be buried in the place where the soil resistivity is low and people don't often reach. The horizontal grounding body is generally made of galvanized flat steel of 40mm ¡Á 40mm ¡Á 4mm.

3. Laying of grounding wire: after straightening, drilling and bending, the flat steel shall be lifted along the wall, and the flat steel shall be fixed at one end of the support piece. The gap between the grounding wire and the wall shall be 10 mm ~ 15 mm. When passing through the wall, it shall pass through the protective sleeve, and the grounding main line shall be welded at the joint. The end reservation or connection shall meet the design requirements. The grounding trunk line shall also be connected with the reserved reinforcement in the building structure.

4. If the grounding main line passes through the expansion joint of the building, if welding is adopted, the grounding main line shall be made into an arc at the section passing through the expansion joint, or the arc shall be bent out of the ¦Õ 12mm Round steel to weld with the flat steel, or the 50mm2 bare copper flexible stranded wire can be used to connect the grounding wire.

5. In order to connect the temporary grounding wire, some temporary grounding wire columns need to be installed on the grounding main line. The installation of temporary grounding wire column should be different according to the laying form of grounding main line. It is often used to weld galvanized Gong bolt on the grounding main line to make temporary grounding column.

6. The surface of exposed ground wire shall be painted with green and yellow stripes with the same width of 15mm-100mm. Marks should be made on the whole length of each grounding conductor or only in each section or every accessible part. Neutral line should be painted with light blue sign. White primer and black grounding mark should be applied at the entrance of grounding wire leading to building and temporary grounding point for maintenance.

7. The connection between indoor grounding main line and outdoor grounding main line shall be connected by bolts for detection. The grounding main line passing through casing or hole shall be blocked with asphalt silk hemp or building sealant.

8. Connection of ground wire and pipeline: when connecting the ground wire with water supply pipe, drainage pipe and other metal pipe conveying non combustible or non explosive gas, welding shall be conducted at the entrance near the building. If the ground wire cannot be directly welded with the pipe, the clamp shall be used for connection, and the inner surface of the clamp shall be lined with tin. The connection surface of the pipeline shall be scraped clean and coated with asphalt after installation. The water meter, flange valve, etc. on the pipeline shall be bridged with bare copper wire.

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