Innovative materials launch conductive printed electronic ink products

TIME£º2017-6-29 8:11:32

TYNGSBORO, Maryland, USA, Creative Materials, Inc. (Creative Materials) is a leading manufacturer of conductive inks, coatings and adhesives. Recently, the company participated in the IDTechEx printed electronic materials trade exhibition held at the San Jose City Convention Center.

The 15th American Printed Electronic Materials Exhibition is one of the famous electronics manufacturing industry exhibitions in the United States, providing exhibitors and visitors with a platform to exchange new technologies and promote new products. Stuart Ganslaw, vice president of Innovative Materials, pointed out that ¡°Participating in the Printed Electronic Materials Fair in the United States can help our company better find business opportunities and help us build more intimate relationships with existing customers. We collected user opinions at the show. And the proposal will guide the R&D and production of the company in the future. At the same time, we also found many new customers and signed a large number of new orders."

Innovative Materials' first products at this show include 125-13, a versatile printed electronic ink product that supports fine print requirements of 100 microns. Other products include a range of conductive inks, adhesives and specially designed insulating printed electronic inks.

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