Sacrificial anode cathodic protection technology for water tank

TIME£º2020-11-17 16:14:39

The combination of coating protection and cathodic protection on the inner wall of fire water tank can effectively eliminate the corrosion of the inner wall of water tank. However, due to the social responsibility of the fire protection system, it is necessary to ensure the temporary water supply task in the water shortage area. Therefore, the coating and sacrificial anode used in the fire water tank must be safe and non-toxic, so the sacrificial anode composition must be carried out Strict control and detection. The special sacrificial anode for fire water tank developed by Jiaozuo Hongkun anticorrosion company is developed for this special demand.

Only magnesium anode can be used for cathodic protection of water tank, because it has high enough driving voltage. Zinc anode and aluminum anode are not suitable for fresh water because of their low driving voltage and easy passivation. Although mercury containing aluminum anode has enough negative electrostatic potential and low polarization, it can not be used in drinking water because of its mercury content.

The application scope of magnesium anode includes the internal protection of boiler, water supply pipe, filter screen, cooler, tubular heat exchanger and condenser. They are to be used in combination with the cladding and are mainly used where the forcing current device is too expensive or cannot be installed. Magnesium anodes are often used in combination with enamel lining, which is particularly economical and convenient for small and medium-sized boilers. Anode only ensures the protection of small defects on enamel lining, which are inevitable in enamel mass production. The forced current protection method is mainly used in the internal protection of large storage tanks, especially in the places where the initial current density must be very high.

The inner part of the water tank is coated with anti-corrosion coating to insulate the metal from the electrolyte environment. Several magnesium alloy anodes are evenly installed inside the water tank as sacrificial anodes, the iron plate of the tank itself is used as the cathode, and water is used as the electrolyte to polarize the whole structure and form a secondary corrosion cell. Combined application of cathodic protection technology and coating, cathodic protection can effectively prevent the corrosion of coating damage, prolong the service life of coating, and coating can greatly reduce the demand of protection current, improve the distribution of protection current, increase the protection radius, make cathodic protection more economic and effective, the whole process is safe and harmless, and effectively solve the leakage at the welding place of fire water tank Water shortage, simple operation and good safety. It is stable, reliable and easy to be popularized and applied.

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